The BFF Story

BFF Kids Wear is a passion project that elevates readymade kid’s garments by adding the elements of comfort, creativity and quality of the highest standard to your precious ones' cute outfits that they play, laugh, love and live in!

For generations, Disney has been the greatest source of joy as the “Happiest Place on Earth”, with the iconic Mickey Mouse winning smiles and hearts of families for more than 92 golden years! And why shouldn’t it, for Mickey’s more than just a cartoon character: it’s an emotion representing cute, classic & ceaseless, it’s every child’s first love! There came our inspiration: Mickey & Co. A brand celebrating the evergreen and latest Disney characters for the happiest phase of life: childhood.

BFF Kids Wear was established in 2018, but our founders carry an experience of 25+ years in the manufacturing industry of kids’ garments. So, whether it is creativity, comfort or care concerned, we can assure you that your precious lil’ ones are safe and stylish in our creations. While a driving passion for young fashion and adorable styles existed since origin, post-pandemic (2020, as if we’d forget that year) brainstorming drove us to leap to have our best catalogue of products licensed from Walt Disney in our Mickey and Co. and commenced direct e-selling. Aka, we went online! A substantial move for this family business, we aim to build an altogether exquisite Disney world through our kidswear’ line, and we hope you will join us in this journey of our love for this well-crafted character, indeed.

At BFF Kids Wear, we seek to incorporate the best of animated characters to brighten your dear Lil’s one’s outfits, looks and ultimately, their days: from classics to the latest princes and princesses. More importantly, we believe in clothing that cares: for style, safety, sophistication & sustainability.

Your babies' Best Fashion Friend.

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